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Dog Friendly Fort Lauderdale

When you think of places to visit with your dog, the usual probably comes to mind – the dog park, a local pet boutique, or one of the many dog friendly beaches in Fort Lauderdale. Sure, there are also dog daycares in Ft. Lauderdale that provide your dog with toys, friends, agility equipment, pools, loving, experienced staff (okay, we’ll stop bragging now). But maybe you’re looking for some adventures to have with your dog right at your side – maybe a new restaurant or a challenging hiking trail? You can find all of these right here in Fort Lauderdale! Continue reading

All are Welcome at This Ft. Lauderdale Pet Resort

We’ve had questions over the years from many pet parents asking if we accept specific dog breeds at our Ft. Lauderdale pet resorts. Many breeds have been discriminated against over the years – from German Shepherds, Rottweilers and, now, Pit Bull Terriers – but Furry Paws FTL will always be a place that accepts each and every dog, no matter their breed.
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