Get the 411 on Dog DNA Testing

As one of the premier Ft. Lauderdale dog boarding facilities, we have seen our fair share of dogs come through our doors. All shapes, size, personalities and breeds – we’ve loved and cared for just about all of them!

Some of our favorites are those dogs who do not belong to just one breed – mutts. Those dogs who always receive the question, “what kind of dog is that?” We love trying our hand at guessing the make-up of our “mutt” clients to see who is right. But that game may be ending for us due to dog DNA testing gaining more and more popularity.

What is dog DNA testing? How does it work? Is it worth your time to have your dog tested? We’re here to put your curiosity to rest!

What is dog DNA testing?

DNA testing is not all that different from human DNA testing. The simple procedure consists of either a blood test or cheek swab, which is then mailed to the lab to be tested. Blood tests require your vet to draw the blood and mail the sample. Cheek swabs can be purchased online or in-store which you can complete at home.

How does it work?

Your dog’s DNA sample will be compared to over 100 different AKC registered dog breeds to check for similarities and relatability. Once the breeds are determined, which takes as little as 2 to 8 weeks, you will receive a certificate or report via email or mail that breaks down the genetic make-up of your dog. Is he really the Shepherd/Husky mix you’ve always thought? The results may surprise you!

Is it worth your time?

Absolutely! Knowing the breeds that drive your dog can help you, your vet, your trainer, and even your local Ft. Lauderdale dog boarding staff to care for your dog even better! Herding dogs learn and retain information differently than guard dogs, for example. Being able to properly motivate your dog can make training infinitely easier for you or your trainer.

Or, maybe your dog’s DNA test shows he is part Labrador Retriever and you know Labs are more susceptible to lymphoma than other breeds. This information can allow you and your vet to watch closely for early warning signs to help slow the progression of the disease.

Some companies behind the dog DNA tests are planning to use the results to make breed specific food, containing more vitamins and nutrients to pretreat for those illnesses, conditions, and diseases that plague some pure breed dogs. Can you imagine feeding a food that allows your dog to receive the exact nutrition he needs for his breed(s)?

Here at Furry Paws, we don’t mind what breed (or breeds) your dog owes his ancestry to. We never discriminate based on breed. Dog boarding in Ft. Lauderdale is meant for those dogs who love to have fun, love to make new friends, love to explore, and love having the best of the best catering to his every need. And who doesn’t want that?!