Doggy Daycare – What Every Dog is Asking Santa Paws For!

The holiday season is one of the busiest travel months of the year, leaving many dogs at home without their parents for their holiday. Instead of worrying about your companion at home alone this season, why not give him a gift of his very own – doggy daycare at Furry Paws of Ft. Lauderdale!

Our doggy daycare in Ft. Lauderdale is unlike any other! We are 100% cage-free, equipped with shock absorbing K9 grass, a bone shaped in-ground pool, and much, much more! We offer Ft. Lauderdale doggy daycare daycare for those dogs who need some extra exercise, want to make some new friends, or who just hate being alone while their parents are at work or traveling. The holiday season is an even busier time, leaving dogs unattended more often than usual. Our daycare services can give your pup an escape from the hustle and bustle in the house and leave you with a few extra hours to get things done!

And what about the holiday get-togethers? The risk of your dog slipping out through an open door are high with people coming and going throughout the day. Whether you’re having a holiday party or are hosting the holiday dinner this year, giving your dog a day at our doggy daycare in Ft. Lauderdale will take the weight off your shoulders! Your dog can go play for the day in the safety of our facility to play, rest and enjoy his day-cation!

Can’t find time to get your pup his holiday bath? No problem! We offer baths at our Ft. Lauderdale doggy daycare location! Bring him in for some hours of playtime and he’ll come home to your bathed, smelling fresh, and tuckered out from his day’s adventure! And that’s one more thing checked off of your list!

We offer doggy daycare in Ft. Lauderdale every day of the year! Give us a call today to ask about our affordable doggy daycare packages and book your pup’s stay with us this holiday season!