Is constant barking a problem in your house? What can be done?

Barking. It is annoying to you, your neighbors and often against city bylaws if it is a continuous problem. So why does your dog do it and can doggy daycare in Ft. Lauderdale solve this common problem?

The most common reason for dogs to bark incessantly is boredom. While your dog is at home, they are missing the constant interaction that they desperately desire. Dogs are not designed to be solitary animals yet in our lives we often leave them at home for 9+ hours a day.
To prevent boredom, consider sending your dog to a doggy daycare in Ft. Lauderdale. They will receive healthy social interaction and exercise with people and other dogs. Even half of a day of daycare can provide your dog with an outlet to burn off his excess energy and prevent boredom.

Dogs can bark if they think there are intruders. While this is generally a good thing, in an apartment, it can be quite bothersome. If this becomes an issue, you may want to teach your dog to only bark when there is a knock at the door. Overzealous barking at “intruders” can also be a sign of stress from being alone. Some time at a Ft. Lauderdale doggy daycare can help to alleviate that stress for him.

Many dogs who are in pain will bark more often. It is their way of communicating and saying “Hey! I hurt!” Unfortunately, this sounds very similar to incessant barking. If you notice any change in diet, movement or play, contact your veterinarian to ensure that pain is not the cause of your dog’s barking.

De-stressing the neighbor
If you know your dog is barking non-stop, let your neighbors know that you are taking measures to stop this nuisance behavior. By opening the lines of communication, your neighbors are often more likely to react in a positive manner as opposed to writing the city a letter of complaint.

What next?
Often with some distraction and training a dog will stop their barking without resorting to more serious measures. There are even ultrasonic devices that can be used. If none of these methods are effective, however, you may want to talk to your veterinarian. They can give you some insight as to what may be causing this behavior. Your vet may recommend taking your dog to a doggy daycare in Ft. Lauderdale for a few weeks, should all test results come back normal. A few days of doggy daycare per week can give your dog the freedom, playtime, and release he’s barking for – literally!