What Does Your Dog Sleep on at his Ft. Lauderdale Pet Resort?

Traditionally, when you go on vacation, your pet either stays in a kennel at home or in the location you are staying at. These kennels often are thought of as either veterinary-style metal boxes or little cement rooms. Ft. Lauderdale pet resorts today look like the Hyatt in comparison to what they were even 5-10 years ago.

Gone are the days of cold cement floors and the occasional blanket “beds.” Now they often have special flooring to provide some cushion while being easy to clean and even the basic kennels now have some form of a bed where your dog can get off of the cold floor and relax.

The type of bed varies from each facility. There are two main types of pet beds: those with and those without a frame.

Framed beds
Framed beds offer support that those without frames traditionally lack. They can be in different shapes, from miniature military-cot styles to tiny 4-poster beds.

Often they have a cushion on top of this frame and are lifted at least 4 inches off of the floor. This makes them ideal for dogs who have issues making it out or are still learning that their sleeping area is better dry. It also allows air to flow under and around the bed, keeping them cool in the summer and significantly less likely to mold. This is why they are commonly used in pet resorts in Ft. Lauderdale. They can also be easily sterilized between visitors and customized with familiar blankets or pillows, while still providing the support of a solid base (and possibly sides as well).

Frame-free beds
These beds are often made of foam pillows that can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. While lacking the rigid bottom of a framed bed, these beds stay on the floor making them suitable for dogs who are uncomfortable stepping up and into bed. There is also less chance of your dog falling out of bed which can be good for seniors who move around a lot in their sleep.

As they are often light and unrestricted by a heavy frame, dogs often will move these beds around their kennel area and choose where they will sleep. For dogs who are nervous or uncomfortable around new environments and people, this can be ideal as they can relocate the bed to the area they feel most comfortable.

Unfortunately, many of these beds are difficult to wash and sterilize, and there is no air flow under the mattress making them more susceptible to mold, particularly if they get wet from water or feces.

While both beds offer different benefits, they are both a significant improvement from a dirty blanket in the corner of a concrete box which will help your dog feel much more comfortable in their home away from home. Who knows, they may end up preferring their new beds to the one they have at home, and that’s what makes it a vacation for your dog at his pet resort in Ft. Lauderdale!